To find jobs in Europe it is possible to refer to EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal that links Job Seekers and Employers on its Webportal and Twitter account.

The purpose of EURES is to provide information, advice and recruitment/placement (job-matching) services for the benefit of workers and employers as well as any citizen wishing to benefit from the principle of the free movement of persons. In particular, concerning the European cross-border regions, EURES has an important role in providing information about and helping to solve all sorts of problems related to cross-border commuting that workers and employers may experience.

In the S.T.R.E.E.T. Project we designed this chapter to provide readers with specific information on the labour market and employment opportunities in the cities and countries where the project partners are from. To make it effective we decided to structure each paragraph with an introduction of the local job market followed by a table that could be used as reference to find jobs in Sustainable Transport and Tourism.

To make the table users friendly we identified four main items:

  • Category (job search engine with key words, newspapers, local/central governmental websites)
  • Name of the website
  • Weblink
  • Keywords

The “Category” item was then divided in six sub-categories such as:

  • Job search engine – general
  • Job search engine – specific
  • Central/Local governmental website
  • Transport Authority/Agency
  • Newspapers
  • Technical Associations

Depending on each country and related translations, the most popular “Keywords” to search for a job as Expert of Mobility for Sustainable Transport would include, but not limited to:

  • Sustainable Transport Expert
  • Transport Planner
  • Strategic Transport Expert
  • Mobility Manager
  • Sustainable Mobility Manager
  • Environmental Engineer/Manager
  • Tourism Management Executive

7.1 – London and the UK

The UK offers great working opportunities, especially for people who do not require a work permit. Its flexible labour market has produced a healthy employment market in recent years, with unemployment mostly below 5%, which compares well to other EU countries.

Much economic growth is concentrated in the South-East, so usually regional unemployment is higher in Northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. There are also certain sectors where job opportunities are poor, such as manufacturing and heavy industry. For those who are not eligible to work in the UK, it may be more difficult to obtain a permit than a job.

Most recruitment agencies specialise in a particular field such as IT, Transport, Energy, Environment etc. It is common to look in the Yellow Pages or go to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation website to find a recruitment agency in the right sector. If the candidate is an executive, manager or a professional, s/he might want to register with a “headhunter”. These agencies are employed by large companies to find people to fill senior positions. There are numerous headhunters in the UK and, in particular, in London.

There are Temping agencies specialised in placing staff in temporary positions and are a great way for expats to get into the British job market and try working in different sectors – or place them in a position to apply for full-time work if the opportunity arises.

In London, finding a job it is often about what you know and whom you know – or these days, to whom you tweet or follow on social media. Not only can someone make contact with others in their field through social media but headhunters also use it to find suitable applicants. They obviously look at LinkedIn (so it is highly advised to keep professional profile updated), but they also look at what people are doing on Twitter, Facebook – even Pinterest – so it is important to make sure what one posts is what one would be happy for future employers to see.

Making as many contacts as possible before going to London is desirable and while one is there it is good to use them. Letting everyone know if one is looking for work. Attending conferences, forums, professional networking events and social gatherings is very important.

Regarding foreigners, if one is looking for professional or well remunerated employment, high English language ability will be a requirement for the majority of positions. Depending on the type of job, qualifications may also be important (although not as important as in some countries – e.g. to work in a general business role, one’s experience will be taken into account ahead of whether or not you have studied business).

Category (*) Name Weblink
Job search engine – general ADZUNA https://www.adzuna.co.uk/


Job search engine – general INDEED UK https://www.indeed.co.uk/
Job search engine – general MONSTER UK https://www.monster.co.uk/
Job search engine – general WORKCICLE https://www.workcircle.co.uk/
Job search engine – general TOTALJOBS https://www.totaljobs.com/


Job search engine – general RANDSTAD https://www.randstad.co.uk/


Job search engine – general HAYS http://jobs.hays.co.uk/


Job search engine – general BLUE ARROW https://www.bluearrow.co.uk/


Job search engine – general TARGETJOBS https://targetjobs.co.uk/


Job search engine – general JOBS24 https://www.jobs24.co.uk/jobs


Job search engine – general GLASSDOOR https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/index.htm


Job search engine – general REED https://www.reed.co.uk/
Job search engine – general HIRED https://hired.com/jobs/london
JOB SEARCH ENGINES – SPECIFIC for Transport, Environment, etc.
Job search engine – specific JOBS in TRANSPORT https://www.jobs-in-transport.com/
Job search engine – specific TRANSPORT NETWORK JOBS https://jobs.transport-network.co.uk/
Job search engine – specific GREEN JOBS https://www.greenjobs.co.uk/browse-jobs/sustainable-transport-jobs/
Job search engine – specific ENVIRONMENT JOBS https://www.environmentjob.co.uk/jobs
Job search engine – specific JUST ENGINEERS – HIGHWAYS and TRANSPORT https://www.justengineers.net/jobs/highways-transport/uk
Job search engine – specific NEW CIVIL ENGINEER (NCE) CAREERS – TRANSPORT and HIGHWAYS https://www.newcivilengineercareers.com/jobs/transport-and-highways/
UK Government Department for Transport (DfT) https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-transport/about/recruitment
Transport Authority/Agency Transport for London (TfL) https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/careers/
JOB SEARCH ENGINES – LOCAL GOVERNMENT – We advise to contact the relevant city council or county council for more information. We provide only a short selection of councils as an example
England/London London & Partners http://www.londonandpartners.com/get-involved
England/London Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham tri-boroughs: https://jobs.westminster.gov.uk/job-search.html


England/London Brent City Council https://www.brent.gov.uk/your-council/jobs-and-careers/
England/Bristol Bristol City Council https://jobs.bristol.gov.uk/home.html
England/Manchester Manchester City Council http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/100008/work_jobs


England/Liverpool Liverpool City Council http://liverpool.gov.uk/jobs-and-training/
Scotland several councils https://www.myjobscotland.gov.uk/councils
Wales/Cardiff Cardiff City Council https://jobs.cardiff.gov.uk/
Wales/Swansea Swansea City Council https://www.swansea.gov.uk/jobs
Northern Ireland/Belfast Belfast City Council http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/jobs/Jobs.aspx
Northern Ireland/Derry Derry City & Strabane http://www.derrystrabane.com/Council/Jobs
Newspaper The Guardian https://jobs.theguardian.com/
Newspaper The Independent http://independentjobs.independent.co.uk/
Newspaper The Telegraph https://jobs.telegraph.co.uk/
Newspaper The Times http://appointments.thesundaytimes.co.uk/jobs/
Magazine Local Government Chronicle https://www.lgcjobs.com/
Magazine Local Government Association https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/lga/Vacancies.aspx


Magazine The Municipal Journal https://jobs.themj.co.uk/


Magazine Transport Extra https://www.transportxtra.com/publications/local-transport-today/jobs/
Association CILT UK – Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport https://ciltuk.org.uk/Careers/Jobs
Association IET – The Institute of Engineering and Technology https://engineering-jobs.theiet.org/
Association CIHT –  Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation http://www.cihtjobs.com/


Association ICE – Institution of Civil Engineers https://www.icerecruit.com/jobs/
Social Media LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/sustainable-transport-jobs/?country=gb

7.2 – Bled and Slovenia

The best way to find a job in Slovenia is working as a student in a company you want to be employed. This is the way you get some experiences and evolve skills, you get to know the kind of work, workplace and company. Students who have acquired competences and are independent are more likely to get a job. Employers like to employ students or young people who already worked for them and proved they are reliable and capable of achieve the assigned tasks…

Word of mouth is also a usual practice of getting the job. Employers are sometimes searching for workers by recommendations.

Slovenia is so small that people usually commute to their working place every day. For sure more options of employing people with added certificate “expert for sustainable mobility and tourism” is in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. In Slovenia there isn’t any company that it would search only “expert for sustainable mobility and tourism”, but certainly this mean some added value to the young people.

Getting to know the meaning of soft mobility and sustainable development of tourism is surely the main advantage if you want to work in tourism, professions related to projecting, landscape architecture, urbanism, traffic, environmental issues. … It is important that also teachers and professors understand theories of soft mobility and green tourism, so they can transfer those knowledge to our children.

Category (*) Name Weblink
Job search engine – general MojeDelo.com https://www.mojedelo.com/
Job search engine – general Mojazaposlitev.si https://www.mojazaposlitev.si/
Job search engine – general Zaposlitev.info https://www.zaposlitev.info/
Job search engine – specific Zaupajte.si https://zaupajte.si/
Job search engine – general najZaposlitev.si https://najzaposlitev.si/
Job search engine – general Karierni centri Univerze v Ljubljani https://kc.uni-lj.si/domov.html
Job search engine – general Kariera https://kariera.si/
Job search engine – general Adecco http://www.adecco.si/
Job search engine – general Trenkwalder https://si.trenkwalder.com/
Job search engine – general Manpower https://www.manpower.si/
Job search engine – general Interim Adria http://www.interimadria.si/
Job search engine – general Danfoss http://www.danfoss.com/home/
Job search engine – general Mservis.si https://www.mservis.si/
Job search engine – general Naton http://www.natonhr.com/
Job search engine – general Atama http://atama.si/
Job search engine – general Competo https://www.competo.si/
Job search engine – general Powerserv http://www.powerserv.si/sl/
Job search engine – general Trescon http://trescon.si/
Job search engine – general Kadis http://www.kadis.si/
Job search engine – general Hill international http://www.hill-int.si/
Job search engine – general Kadrovanje http://kadrovanje.com/
Job search engine – general Catro http://www.catro.com/en/welcome/
Job search engine – general Advise http://www.advise.si/si/
Job search engine – general Axent http://www.axent.si/
Job search engine – general Profil http://www.profil.si/Delovna_mesta
Job search engine – general Kadrovski inženiring http://www.kadrovsko-svetovanje.si/
Job search engine – general Trgotur http://www.trgotur.si/si/iskalci/
Job search engine – general Rekruter http://www.rekruter.si/
Job search engine – general ISG – International service group http://www.isg.com/de/
Job search engine – general Competo https://www.competo.si/
Job search engine – general Profil http://profil.si/
Magazine Finance https://topjob.finance.si/
Job search engine – general Adittec https://www.adittec.si/
Job search engine – specific Combera group http://combera.si/
Central / local governmental website Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje https://www.ess.gov.si/

7.3 – Werfenweng and Austria & Germany

In this chapter you will find a non-exhaustive list of job search engines and online platforms which list jobs vacancies. Some of them are very general, others list specific vacant positions in either tourism or mobility. Several platforms list vacant positions in Austria and Germany simultaneously, some others just show either Austrian or German employers.

In general, both labour markets are very comparable when it comes to the channels employers use to display job vacancies; the same applies to the job application process.

Therefore, if you are looking for a position in Mobility and Tourism use the listed job search engines or visit a specific website of either a tourism destination or a mobility federation.

Usually you will find job vacancies indicated with: ‘Karriere’, ‘Jobs’, ‘freie Stellen’, ‘Stellenangebote’ or ‘Vakanzen’. Another great opportunity to find job openings are career services at universities and universities of applied science.

You might also want to visit specific tourism and mobility trade shows such as:

  • ITB (Berlin)
  • Reise&Camping (Essen)
  • Germany Travel Mart (Nürnberg)
  • e-mobility World (Friedrichshafen)
  • Klimamobility (Bozen).

A trade show is a good place to establish new contacts. Contacts will also help you learn about vacancies by word of mouth.

Most of the times you can apply for jobs online, by either filling in an application form with your personal details and uploading your CV, letter of application and references or sending all documents via e-mail. Here it is important to merge all documents into one single file, so the recipient does not receive several files.

Some potential employers will ask you to send a printed copy of your application via mail.


Depending on each country, the most popular keywords for search engines could be:

English German
Sustainable Transport / Mobility Expert Experte für nachhaltigen Transport / Mobilität
Transport Planner Transportplaner
Strategic Transport Expert Strategischer Transportplaner / Transportexperte
Mobility Manager Mobilitäts Manager / Verantwortlicher
Mobility Planner Mobilitätsplaner
Environmental Engineer/Manager Umweltingenieur / -manager
Sustainable Mobility Manager Manager für nachhaltige Mobilität
Tourism and Mobility Manager Tourismus und Mobilitätsmanager
Green / Soft Mobility Expert Experte für grüne / sanfte Mobilität


Category (*) Name Weblink
Job search engine general DE & AT STEPSTONE https://www.stepstone.de/
Job search engine general AT DER STANDARD https://derstandard.at/karriere/jobsuche?ref=nav
Job search engine general AT KARRIERE https://www.karriere.at/
Job search engine general DE JOBWORLD https://www.jobworld.de/
Job search engine general DE SOORCE https://www.soorce.de/
Job search engine general DE MONSTER DE https://www.monster.de/
Job search specific DE FVW http://touristik-jobs.fvw.de/
Job search engine specific DE DESTINET http://www.destinet.de/
Job search engine specific DE TOURISMUS CAREER https://www.tourismus.career/
Job search engine specific DE TOURISTIK CAREER https://www.touristikcareer.de/
Job search engine specific AT JOBBÖRSE OBERÖSTREEICH TOURISMUS https://www.oberoesterreich-tourismus.at/karriere-weiterbildung/jobs-im-tourismus.html
Job search engine tourism international SHIXX http://shixxi.com/job.php?lang=en
Central governmental website DE DLR http://www.dlr.de/dlr/jobs/desktopdefault.aspx/#S:452

7.4 – Turin and Italy

To find a job in Italy you can register as “unemployed” (disoccupato in Italian) at a job centre (Centro Per l’Impiego – CPI) in any part of Italy where you intend to reside. In addition to performing administrative tasks, CPIs also provide guidance and advisory services, short training courses and matching skills and jobs. In some Job Centres a dedicated help desk supports people with high skills profiles (Sportello Alte Professionalità).

You can also contact private job agencies; approximately 4,000 of these are currently authorised by the Ministry of Employment and Social Policy and appear in the job agencies’ register. The main temporary jobs agencies also provide a list of vacancies on their websites.

The Internet also provides a wealth of resources, such as websites of companies and Chambers of Commerce, specialist private portals and the growing phenomenon of social media use (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

Currently in Italy, not all employment opportunities are conveyed via official/institutional research and selection channels; some are in fact linked to personal networks and existing contacts from work or school.

It is possible for all European Union citizens to undertake self‑employed and employed work without the need of an authorisation/permit to work, with the sole exception of activities reserved for Italian citizens – given the principle of equal treatment with the latter.

As in many European countries you can directly apply for a particular job or send a spontaneous application, i.e. one that is addressed to companies that might be interested in your profile.

In the first case, the application procedures are usually indicated in the text of the offer or the classified section, and there is often a Lavora con noi [i.e. work with us] section on company websites with details of how to send a spontaneous application online.

Job centres offer advice on writing CVs and covering letters. On the www.cliclavoro.gov.it portal, there is a dedicated section offering practical advice, suggestions and examples for an effective job application. The website itself is a very useful resources.

Category Name Weblink
Central  government website GARANZIA GIOVANI www.garanziagiovani.gov.it
Central  government website CLIC www.cliclavoro.gov.it/
Job search engine – general JOBSTATUS www.jobatus.it/
Job search engine – general MONDOLAVORO www.mondolavoro.it/
Job search engine – general LINKEDIN www.linkedin.com/jobs
Job search engine – general MONSTER www.monster.it
Job search engine – general JOBIJOBA www.circuitolavoro.it
Job search engine – general INFO JOBS www.infojobs.it
Job search engine – general JOBSOUL www.jobsoul.it
Job search engine – general INDEED it.indeed.com
Job search engine – general LAVORO CORRIERE lavoro.corriere.it
Job search engine – general TROVIT lavoro.trovit.it
Job search engine – general CAREERJET www.careerjet.it
Job search engine – general JOB RAPIDO it.jobrapido.com
Job search engine – general BANCA LAVORO www.bancalavoro.it
Job search engine – general SIMPLY HIRED www.simplyhired.it
Job search engine – general CAREER BUILDER www.careerbuilder.it
Job search engine – general JOB YOUR LIFE www.jobyourlife.com
Job search engine – general JOOBLE jooble.org
Job search engine – general CORNER JOB www.cornerjob.com/it/
Job search engine – general JOB GRATIS www.jobgratis.com
Job search engine – general OGGI LAVORO www.oggilavoro.com
Job search engine – general HELP LAVORO www.helplavoro.it/
Job search engine – general CERCO LAVORO www.cercolavoro.com
Job search engine –  general UN IMPIEGO www.unimpiego.it/
Job search engine – general LAVORARE.NET www.lavorare.net
Job search engine – general CLICCA LAVORO www.cliccalavoro.it
Job search engine – general LAVORO.ORG www.lavoro.org
Job search engine – general LAVORO.IT www.lavoro.it
Job search engine –  general CAMBIO LAVORO www.cambiolavoro.com
Official website GAZZETTA UFFICIALE www.gazzettaufficiale.it
Official website CONCORSI.IT www.concorsi.it
Official website REGIONE PIEMONTE www.regione.piemonte.it/governo/bollettino/abbonati/2011/corrente/
Official publication of Municipality of Turin with private and public jobs INFORMALAVORO http://www.comune.torino.it/lavoro/
Job search engine – specific LAVORO IN TURISMO www.lavoroturismo.it/
Job search engine – specific LAVORO NEL TURISMO www.lavoronelturismo.it/lavoro-turismo.php
Job search engine – specific JOB IN TOURISM www.jobintourism.it



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